Monday Meditation

Mondays can be hard. Today I was in the office before breakfast, and I didn't leave till after dark. From sun up to sun down, it was non stop meetings, calls, and calendar reminders, gearing up to tackle the week ahead. It is, at times, SO exhilarating, but, at others, so exhausting and stressful...

When I get like that, worn down by the rat race, I find it helpful to take a quick time out and perform my SLL Monday Meditation.

Stop. Stand up. Step away from the computer screen. Take a look outside the office window. Appreciate the view. Stand there. Just breathe. And breathe. And stand there breathing as long as it takes until you remember...all the wonderful things your 9-5 does give you.

I have the means to provide for myself, enjoy free time with family, and travel the world with my friends. I have a noble profession that helps people who are truly hurt and is a great way of giving back to my community. What a gift, and what a lucky girl am I? When I think about work that way, any grievance gives way to grace, and I head back to my desk feeling renewed and reinvigorated.

Try this SLL Monday Meditation for yourself, and see what you feel inspired to do. 

Mellie Mel
Mellie Mel


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