Meet MellieMel

Hey there, MellieMel here, the founder and feeler behind SLL. I'm a true TexiCaliGirl - Yankee born and southern bred, but west coast best coast by choice. Monday through Friday I masquerade as as a lawyer lady and competent adult, but I've never grown out of curiosity, questioning, and the belief that there's adventure in the every day. I routinely rise before the sun to workout because movement focuses the mind & I like feeling the strength beneath my skin. Live music is my jam, and exploring outside anywhere is my happy place. If there's star gazing, desert strolls, or the ocean involved, odds are I'd rather be there right now, but I'm always stoked to try something new and #DoAllTheThings!! Favorite things thus far include my cross eyed cat QuintenDVegas, mermaiding aka scuba diving, tacos, tequila to go with said tacos, "Melliemeals" made for and shared with friends, long runs with my dude, road trips - for the stories and the stops, raising awareness for rad organizations, and, most importantly, loving on my peoples. 

I'm just one tiny human, full to the brim with gratitude for being upright every day, hoping to spread a little sparkle, celebrate her scars, and encourage others to do the same. If anything on SLL resonates and makes you feel some kinda way, then welcome to the tribe, my friend, you are home!