What's SLL?

Silver Lining Love ("SLL") is a positive perspective, mantra for the mind & community of compassion. SLL is a way to flow from point A to B, admitting the path forward is a shadowed uncertainty, and choosing to seek out and celebrate the silver spaces that light up the way.

SLL was born, as all silver linings are, out of some really terrible shit. My terrible shit was the loss of my little brother. I'll just call it the "SLL Origin Story" which is in a constant state of re-tooling. Eventually it will be polished enough to share below, so stay tuned. 

But as for my intentions...well in some ways, this blog is the productive solution to several years of procrastination at writing a book about the experience of my brother's illness and death. One day some day, I know I'll get there. In all the ways though, I want this blog and community to be a conduit of love and light. Because, let's be real, at some point in everyone's life things are awful and messy. Ain't way around that. It just is. And when you're sitting alone in your own terrible shit, know there's someone else who's sat there too. And I've found, with patience and practice, there's always beauty to see among the madness.

SLL is an interactive, ever evolving message and community - grow with us! Subscribe to the blog and follow us on Instagram for musings and methods on cultivating SLL vibes. Become a part of the SLL community by sharing your own story, and check out the events page for opportunities to come hang out! We're excited about upcoming collaborations with rad groups in San Francisco and across the country, so bookmark SLL and become a member of a community we can all relate to and rely on. I hope you find joy and peace an SLL mindset brings!

 SLL Origin Story

  Work in progress...stay tuned...